Hi, call me Dina from Bandung, Indonesia
working mother to three kiddos ( Amira, Ayu, and Salwa). They are became inspiration of my craft.

I love craft things when i was child, but start seriously make own craft when i already have three kiddos. My adventures of crafting start while my kiddos are sleep.

I love to add hand embroidery on all my craft work. The sensation of hand embroidery, it takes time to do it, but once done, the time we spend pays off with excellent results.

I still newbie on this, i still explore how far craft things to make.

So, enjoy my adventures of crafting.

4 responses to “About

  1. hai dina…in dina yang dilipi tea bukan, saya rina yang dulu di kimia lipi…moga gak salah nebak, kalau salah, malu *tutupmukapakebuku*

  2. hi dina bisa ga ngadain pelatihan kemasan handmade seperti yang tercantum di blog dina ini

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